FOUR realized with selected customers their strategies in the following areas:

FourR-4-Punkte_RGB Landlord Representative and Asset Management

The company is one of the largest and most successful privately held real estate company in the Netherlands, independent and unlisted. All the Group’s activities are carried out exclusively with equity.
The Newomij was established in 1958. In the first twenty years the focus of the work was on the development of thousands of houses and apartments, which resold or further developed.
Currently, the activities are strengthened in the expansion of the property portfolio, which consists of both apartments and houses, as well as of office and retail properties.
Its portfolio includes more than 1,500 houses and 2,500 apartments. The group has more than 120,000 sqm of office and retail properties. The focus is on investment and the creation of value growth for the entire portfolio, therefore the average holding period of the assets is longer than usual.
The management and maintenance of the portfolio is crucial in order to obtain an outstanding quality of the portfolio.