Landlord Representation and asset management for investors

The benefits of FOURR are divided into three core phases. We regularly raise in a first phase the Business Models of investors for the target markets. In the second phase matching properties are acquired and managed locally then in the third phase.

FourR-4-Punkte_RGB Determining the Business Models of Investors

The business model includes a clear definition in the following aspects:

  • Risk / return positioning
  • Asset classes
  • targets
  • countries

The quickest way to a successful business model is via a short workshop with the customer. Pragmatically, pictorially and strategically we are developing in a few hours the client’s strategy.

FourR-4-Punkte_RGB Acquisition

Asset sourcing

Through local partnerships and the strong networking FOURR is to procure able targeted objects for an acquisition.


Together with network partners we are developing successfully due diligence. We coordinate this depending on the requirements of the investor, the sub-aspects Legal, Technical, Environmental, Commercial and Insurance Due Diligence.

FourR-4-Punkte_RGB Management on the ground

Construction of structures for the sustainable management

If desired, we build on the structures for a successful holding phase. We are working on this together with a number of experienced partners from the fields of Property Management, Legal, Tax and Letting.

Landlord Representative and Asset Management

Usually as authorization loose representatives of the investor on site, we are personally on site. We carry objects as if they were our own investment. Thoughtfully, self-initiative and foresight. We organize the processes, reporting to build according to the wishes of the investor and control the processes. And: We are regularly even in the real estate on site, to give us a personal image!